More Logo Designs
A few additional logos not in our project pages
We design so many logos that it's hard to fit them all in our project pages. Here are some not seen elsewhere on the site.
Alex Padilla is currently one of the two US Senators representing California. For his 2018 campaign logo, we designed an icon that doubled both as a Statue of Liberty torch and the outline of the State of California simultaneously.
Our logo for Janey's run for Boston Mayor evoked the design language of the civil rights movement.
Mark Leno wass a progressive icon, running for Mayor of San Francisco. The logo we designed, in addition to being eye-catching, was intended to capture Mark's less standard, more progressive approach to governing.
Ujima was a progressive creative agency with a deep focus on collaboration and boutique service provided to their clients.
Vicki ran for State Assembly in Silicon Valley in 2016. The logo was meant to capture her familiarity and experience with issues related to tech, having served as an attorney in the industry for many decades.
This logo was part of a rebrand we executed for First Access, a start-up providing credit scoring for developing countries, where those systems are currently weak or non-existent.
Invest in Oakland was an umbrella brand for a suite of ballot initiatives in Oakland, California in 2016. We wanted to capture the hip, artistic vibe of the city, while also referencing the famous Oakland tree logo.