Bernie vs. Hillary
Helping voters compare the positions of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
The Democratic presidential primary is an enormously important event in setting the priorities of the Democratic Party and in making sure the influence of the progressive movement is heard in U.S. politics. We were concerned by a media environment in which the records of the candidates were not being fully explored and explained to voters. was designed so that voters could quickly access clear information about the candidates that went beyond their current platforms to explore their past records as well. The site, which we conceived and produced in-house, went viral and the quiz was ultimately completed by over 390,000 people.
We did in-depth research to identify policy areas where there were clear and verifiable differences between the candidates. We then designed, illustrated, and constructed a fully responsive site that delivered on our vision.
We built the site with maximum shareability in mind, including automated generation of images that allowed users to share their scores on social media. The quiz was ultimately completed over 390,000 times.