More Logo Designs
A few additional logos not in our project pages
We design so many logos that it's hard to fit them all in our project pages. So, we came up with a page to showcase logos not seen elsewhere on the site.
Alex Padilla is the current California Secretary of State. For his 2018 campaign logo, we designed an icon that doubled both as a Statue of Liberty torch and the outline of the State of California simultaneously. We chose the State of Liberty icon to show Alex's commitment to making the sure that all citizens, including new ones, were fairly represented in our electoral system.
Mark Leno is a progressive icon, running for Mayor of San Francisco in 2018. The logo we designed, in addition to being eye-catching, was intended to capture Mark's less standard, more progressive approach to governing.
Invest in Oakland was an umbrella brand for a suite of ballot initiatives in Oakland, California in 2016. We wanted to capture the hip, artistic vibe of the city, while also referencing the famous Oakland tree logo.
Rumbleship was determined to cut out wasteful middle-men (distributors) in retail, starting with the bike industry. Our logo design was a playful representation of manufacturers shipping directly to retailers.
Ujima was a progressive creative agency with a deep focus on collaboration and boutique service provided to their clients.
This logo was part of a rebrand we executed for First Access, a start-up providing credit scoring for developing countries, where those systems are currently weak or non-existent.
We designed this logo for the League of Women Voters, who were promoting a competition between the boroughs of New York City, to see which could boost turnout the most. We referenced traditional sports logos in this design to capture the competitive spirit of the endeavor.
We riffed off of Rodin's famous Thinker sculpture, with a hand-painted logo, for this online art gallery.
This logo was designed for a new jazz and blues bar in Brooklyn. We were inspired by signage from southern blues establishments.
ACGT is a creative development company. We came up with this logo based on their request for us to communicate the concept of the "DNA of storytelling."
Deep State is a progressive summer camp and retreat launching in 2018. They wanted their logo to express a different ethos than most progressive efforts – they wanted more of a focus on interpersonal growth, self-learning and yes... dance parties.
Vicki ran for State Assembly in Silicon Valley in 2016. The logo was meant to capture her familiarity and experience with issues related to tech, having served as an attorney in the industry for many decades.