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Jazz Foundation of America
Invitation designs for Jazz Foundation of America's special events.
The Jazz Foundation of America provides programs and assistance to jazz and blues musicians who have fallen on hard times. They accomplish this through bi-annual jazz galas, featuring some of the finest musicians in the world, including Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan and many many more. We worked to bring the vibrancy of the music and passion of the organization into the design of these invitations. 

We created this invitation so that when unfolded it became a large poster that recipients could hang up on their wall. We hand-illustrated the jazz musicians in a woodcut style.

For this event, the Jazz Foundation asked us to design something to reference the Cirque Du Soleil theme.

We used the look of a vintage wine label for this invitation, in order to capture the high-end nature of the event, including the presence of Prince and Princess Robert of Luxembourg, along with their presentation to the attendees of Domain Clarence Dillon wine.

The Jazz Foundation requested an eastern look for this invitation in tribute to featured artist Herbie Hancock's buddhist practice.