Extras & Oldies
A few extra and older designs not included in the other projects
Here we've included a few of our older projects, along with some one-off designs that didn't warrant a whole project page. While not always as technically refined or as narrowly focused on our social change mission as our recent work, we think there's some things here worth checking out.
A series of infographics for Seeds of Africa. They run a school in Ethiopia which employs a progressive education model and provides a wide array of social and community benefits to both students and their families.
We designed and developed this Wordpress web site for Paper Latern Lit using a custom blueprint design.
NOTE: This project requires Flash in order to view. One of our favorite old-school projects, this was an interactive Flash intro, created for Mark Sanchez' 2008 campaign for San Francisco Supervisor. The various elements on the page once linked to pages on Mark's web site, but we've disabled the links here. Scroll around and see if you can find all the interactive elements.
This site, created for best-selling author Ransom Riggs, is most interesting to see live. Ransom wrote Ms. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which was recently released as a movie. This site uses parallax effects throughout, with various spaceships, planes and hot air balloons flying by as you scroll down. (Note: this site, built several years ago, is not mobile optimized)
A site design for young adult author Kate Ellison. Our goal here was to capture the angst and energy of her writing.
For the original design of best-selling author Laure Oliver's site, she wanted to project the idea of an immersive fantasy world, while also showcasing her books. Given those paramenters, we came up with the idea of a magical forest with the trees serving as bookshelves for her recent releases. We went all around New York taking photos of trees and 3D rendered the bookcases within them. We then carefully and meticulously built the site out in HTML, along with a custom Tumblr theme to match. We also designed Lauren's new (cleaner) site which is live here.