Gavin Newsom for Governor
Logo, branding and web site for Gavin Newsom's 2018 campaign
Bernie vs. Hillary
Helping voters compare the positions of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
She Persisted
A web site exploring the bad-ass life of Elizabeth Warren
Jazz Foundation of America
Invitations to annual galas and fundraisers
Donald Trump: Rise of a Dictator?
Animated video warning of the threat of authoritarianism under Trump
Progressive Cities
Logo, branding and web site for a progressive consulting firm
Run Liz Run
State by state postcard designs to encourage Elizabeth Warren to run for President
Conserva Partners
Branding for an energy conservation firm
No on Prop 5
Logo, branding and web site to stop Proposition 5
Dan Siegel for Mayor
An inspirational brand for a grassroots campaign
Mayday PAC
A series of graphics for Lawrence Lessig's "Super PAC to end Super PACs"
Yes on Measure AA
A ballot initiative to provide educational funding in Oakland, California.
War on Irrational Fear
Campaign parodying America's so-called "War on Terror"
Kills Constituents
A web site allowing voters to look up their reps' votes on repealing Obamacare
Democratic Voter Mobilization
Mail and digital advertising to amplify voter turnout
N.Y. Reproductive Health Act
Defending a woman's right to choose in New York
Katie Porter for Congress
Flipping a House seat blue in California
More Logo Designs
A few additional logos not in our project pages