Gavin Newsom for Governor
Logo, branding and web site for Gavin Newsom's 2018 campaign
Bernie vs. Hillary
Helping voters compare the positions of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
Kills Constituents
A web site allowing voters to look up their reps' votes on repealing Obamacare
Jazz Foundation of America
Invitations to annual galas and fundraisers
Progressive Cities
Logo, branding and web site for a progressive consulting firm
Run Liz Run
State by state postcard designs to encourage Elizabeth Warren to run for President
Conserva Partners
Branding for an energy conservation firm
Donald Trump: Rise of a Dictator?
Animated video warning of the threat of authoritarianism under Trump
Dan Siegel for Mayor
An inspirational brand for a grassroots campaign
Mayday PAC
A series of graphics for Lawrence Lessig's "Super PAC to end Super PACs"
S.F. $15 Minimum Wage
Design for Proposition J, which raised San Francisco's minimum wage to $15 per hour
Yes on Measure AA
A ballot initiative to provide educational funding in Oakland, California.
War on Irrational Fear
Campaign parodying America's so-called "War on Terror"
Democratic Voter Mobilization
Mail and digital advertising to amplify voter turnout
Antonio Reynoso for City Council
Design for a local progressive icon
Katie Porter for Congress
Flipping a House seat blue in California
N.Y. Reproductive Health Act
Defending a woman's right to choose in New York
More Logo Designs
A few additional logos not in our project pages