Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“I support Dan Siegel because of his vision of Oakland as a transit-first city.  He offers comprehensive, positive, real solutions that make sense.”

- Jenna Spagnolo, West Oakland


Public transportation needs to be cheap and reliable. Currently, it’s neither. The economic divide isn’t just about income, it’s about providing reliable transportation to get kids to school on time, and people to work.

Oakland needs 21st century transportation planning that includes networking bus routes, bike lanes, addressing street planning bottle necks and creating multiple systems of getting places fast and free.

Our transportation system needs to be so good in the future, that people choose public transportation over driving. Oakland is an environmental leader. If we’re serious about reducing our carbon footprint and promoting transportation friendly communities, we have to incentivize public transportation through visionary urban planning.

We can’t move ahead if we can’t even move around.

Studies show that people who work from home one or more days a week are more productive than their coworkers who commute. Reducing traffic and commute times means promoting the ability of people to work from home as a best practice.

But we should also celebrate different modes of transportation as recreation. One way of doing that is to implement a cyclovia—a neighborhood event that transforms neighborhoods one day a month by closing off streets to car traffic, and allowing neighborhoods to meet. People bicycle, rollerblade, play music, and build community together. It is exactly this kind of bringing people together that celebrates diversity, transportation, and healthy living.

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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