Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“I believe Oakland must do more to promote the arts. We have a long history of producing artists, performers, musicians, and authors, and we need to keep that up!”

- Alyssa Chen, Oak Center

Arts in Oakland

Art provides soul to a city. While some of our elected officials think the arts are expendable, Dan Siegel does not. He knows that promoting arts is actually the same thing as promoting the culture of innovation, new business, creative architecture, and re-invigorated neighborhoods.

Oakland has been ignoring its true art potential for 30 years. Dan Siegel is ready to make it a priority.

One of the fastest ways to change the feel of a neighborhood is to invite artists to add some life to it: vacant lots, empty walls, barren intersections and sidewalks are all opportunities.

It’s time to allow artists to play a more significant role in city planning, and to establish a more aggressive public arts program.

Our goal is to create the most highly integrated arts/policy partnerships in the country. Dan Siegel will promote an aggressive public arts policy that engages the community and existing organizations on major aesthetic works to highlight all different sorts of media to our neighborhoods.

How does a City like Berlin become the international arts capital of the world? By having a local government that is serious about promoting arts, living spaces for artists, residency programs and joint grant proposals written by the City and local artists in partnership.

We will start with grant project proposals in 15 key hotspots in neglected areas of the City and write the grants with local artists to set up installations, murals and public art projects in places that rarely get that kind of attention.

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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