Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“I love Oakland! I like my school and friends. But I wish the buses came quicker.”

- DeVon Marshall, Seminary

Oakland's Future

As California goes, so goes the nation.

And we must recognize that Oakland leads California in originality of thought and creativity of expression, in political motivation, and in technical and artistic innovation. We prize people who dare not only to dream, but who push the envelope for social change to create a just and truly democratic society.

That's why we live in Oakland. That's why we love Oakland.

The diverse ingredients of Oakland's extraordinary potion are blended in the neighborhoods and communities of our city. We are workers and students; professionals and artists; business people and community organizers; elders and youth; families that have lived here for generations, and persons who have just arrived.

Oakland is a city of thinkers and doers who dare to push the envelope for social change.

We are citizens and neighbors, living side-by-side and working in tandem to imagine, design, and create a City that reflects who we are and what we cherish.

We all want the same things: safe, vibrant neighborhoods where people have pride and confidence in their surroundings; civic policies that put people first, and lead to a better, smarter politics that allow creative expression and local businesses to prosper.

I have strong ideas on ways we can improve our community. I want us to unite to create a city based upon the principles of social and economic justice. I can provide the leadership, but the progress is all of ours. Please join me on this journey; let us make our way.

Dan Siegel

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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