Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“The state of Oakland’s roads is pretty bad.  We’ve neglected paving our streets for so many years, that we are now in a dire situation in many parts of town.”

- Michael Kaufman, Laurel

Fixing Our Roads

Who pays when the City does not fix our roads? We do. Bad Oakland roads mean more accidents, damages and higher vehicle maintenance costs paid by all of us due to wear and tear on our vehicles and bicycles. They also lead to lawsuits, and the City just paid over $3.25 million to a bicyclist injured due to a badly maintained street.

Bad roads are an unfair tax on Oakland residents.

In recent years the average Oaklander is paying as much as $702/year in additional vehicle operating costs because of our bad roads. That’s unacceptable.

Dan’s Siegel’s solution is preventative maintenance: we need to mark the trouble spots before they deteriorate further and make the crucial early repairs before the road fails and repair costs sky rocket. Every person who drives in Oakland knows the City isn’t doing this.

Oakland’s roads have consistently been ranked as some of the worst in the nation. And our citizens pay more than residents in most cities because of it, as much as $28 million per year, that could be spent on other priorities. The solution is to insist on preventative maintenance programs that will save Oaklanders millions of dollars.

We need to invest in our infrastructure now, in order to save money later.

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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