Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

"I do believe this campaign is the beginning of a great movement."

– Lewis O. Sawyer, Jr.

Read our official "policy papers" below to get a more in-depth, detailed look at Dan's policy positions.

"A 21st Century Oakland: Going Green"
"Fight For Fifteen: Raising Oakland's Minimum Wage"
"Public Safety and the Oakland Police Department"
"Protecting Tenants and Preserving Rental Housing"
"Promoting Women's Health, Safety and Rights: An Oakland Commission on Women"
"Education: Supporting Oakland's Public Schools"
"Immigration: Protecting the Rights of Every Oaklander"
"Creating the Oakland Municipal Ultra High-speed Communications and Internet Service"
"Combatting Homelessness in Oakland"
"Working in Our City: Jobs for a 21st Century Oakland"
"Restorative Justice: Reducing Harm Through Community Involvement"
"Domain Awareness Center: Government Surveillance"
"Where the Money Is: How to Find Revenue Without Burdening Citizens"
"Banking in Oakland: A Public Bank for the City"
"Pensions and Promises"

See our campaign's ideas on how to create a better Oakland.

A Living Wage: Fighting for Fifteen
Public Safety: Putting Our Community First
Improving Our Neighborhoods: Community Centers, Project, Parks, and Policing
An Oakland for Everyone: Reduce Gentrification by Reducing Inequality
A 21st Century Oakland: City-Owned, Affordable High-Speed Internet and Communications for All
A Public Bank for Oakland: Local Services for Local Families and Businesses
Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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