Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“I have known Dan and his family for many years. He has been a giant in so many good fights for social justice. He is honest, straight-forward, and would make an excellent Mayor. ”

- Walter Riley, Rockridge

Civil Rights

Despite many advances, the struggle for civil rights continues to this day. Contrary to what some say, the U.S. has not become a "color blind" society. The subject matter may have changed, but the fight is still on. It is incumbent on our local government to blaze the path toward equality. Here’s how we do that:

  • First, let’s look to expand the definition of who should get protections under our discrimination laws. No matter how an Oaklander looks or sounds, all our residents deserve respect and an equal opportunity to have a job, and to live in a decent home.

  • Second, Oakland does not have a law that covers harassment in the workplace or in housing. We need to change that and implement our own harassment ordinance that covers all employers and landlords to ensure that no one can be mistreated like that in our city.

  • Third, we cannot allow our own civil liberties to be held hostage to surveillance. The right to privacy is one of our most important values.   When it comes to the Domain Awareness Center, we think it’s time to "Just say no!" Dan Siegel will insure that Oakland is a national model for civil rights, not citizen surveillance.
Dan Siegel will make Oakland a national model for civil rights, not intolerance and surveillance.  This year, he and his wife Anne Weills are the National Lawyers Guild's "Champions of Justice" for their work in advancing civil rights.

And finally, Dan Siegel has a plan to get real about promoting minority-owned businesses. As a start, Dan Siegel advocates taking large government contracts and splitting them up—where appropriate—to allow for smaller companies to have a chance to bid on significant projects. Even living in a post-Prop. 209 world, there are ways to direct resources to a larger number of companies. It just takes the political will to make that happen.

Dan's Siegel's career has focused on protecting the civil rights and liberties of all people since he went to the South to help register voters in 1965.

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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