Dan Siegel for Mayor of Oakland

“From the first day of his campaign, Dan Siegel has been pushing for a $15/hour minimum wage.  That’s the kind of pro-worker Mayor we need.”

- Al Marshall, Seminary

Fight For $15 Campaign

According to the most recent numbers, the current minimum wage in Oakland is at least 30% below what is required for a single wage earner to live here and just one-third of the minimum needed by a wage earner who supports a child. That is unacceptable. And its also bad economic policy.

Oakland should be a leader in the Bay Area by striving to achieve a $15.00/hr minimum wage, including cost of living adjustments and paid sick leave. One of the top priorities of a Siegel administration would be to submit legislation to the City Council to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour. Dan Siegel is fighting to make that happen and has made it a central theme of his campaign since day one.

Despite city minimum wage laws in San Francisco and San Jose, Oakland’s City Council has never passed a law to raise our minimum wage.

There is no proven evidence that a higher minimum wage hurts the economy. In fact, there are plenty of examples that show the opposite. San Francisco, which boasts the country’s highest minimum wage, has an unemployment rate of just 4.8%. The nation’s highest minimum wage has done nothing to stifle job growth there.

But the benefits of providing a stable, long-term job are very real. A minimum wage that becomes a living wage is a significant tool that can move people out of poverty, reduce crime, and create the conditions for economic growth—all at the same time.

That’s why Dan Siegel has been a leader on this issue, working with a variety of labor and community groups to see to it that our minimum wage creates the kind of social change we need in Oakland.

For more information on the Fight For $15, as well as details on Dan's position, please see our policy paper.

Paid for by Dan Siegel for Mayor, 2014.
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